Redox OS Summer of Code

Announcing Redox Summer of Code for 2024! This summer, we have a small number of positions open for students or recent graduates. To qualify, you must be a contributor to Redox or to a Redox-adjacent project, and be an experienced Rust programmer.

You should propose a project that will take you approximately 8 weeks of full-time work to complete. You are expected to check in your code to GitLab regularly, to provide regular progress reports, and a final technical report in the form of a News post. Some project suggestions are included here, but you can come up with your own proposal if you wish.

The application process is informal. Please post a message in the Summer of Code room indicating your interest and a description of what you hope to accomplish.

The Redox OS Summer of Code program is the primary use of donations to the Redox OS project.

We also participate in other Summer of Code type programs, when available, which may have their own rules and critera. This year, we do not have any specific plans for other Summer of Code programs.

Have a look at our Proposal Guidelines and Project Suggestions.

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