Summer of Code Project Suggestions

The Redox Summer of Code is now open for applications.

Redox supports students, recent graduates and other open source contributors through our Summer of Code programs, including our own Redox Summer of Code (RSoC) and programs sponsored by other organizations.

Please read the RSoC announcement and the RSoC Proposal Guide and follow our instructions there.

These are some of our priorities, but if you have your own ideas, join us on Chat and let us know what you are thinking.

Projects in the Rust-heavy category require you to have demonstrated strong Rust expertise on real-world projects. Projects in the good Rust knowledge category require you to have completed several projects in Rust and/or to have contributed to an open source written-in-Rust project, where we can review your work.

Choose a project you are confident you can complete successfully. All of these projects provide substantial value to Redox, don’t feel like you need to pick the hardest one.

The scalable projects can be adjusted to fit a part-time or full-time 12-week schedule, but you must let us know how much time you plan to contribute as part of your proposal. The large projects require full-time participation, and you must indicate your commitment to that level of effort.

Medium-to-Large Scalable Projects, good Rust knowledge

Large Projects, Rust-heavy