RSoC: Porting tokio to redox - week 4

By jD91mZM2 on

Porting tokio, update 4

I was pretty inactive this week, sadly. I did some unrelated stuff:

None with are tokio related, so I wasn’t going to make a blog post initially.

But then today I got to sit down and try some things - and oh man do I have some exciting news! Last week I mentioned I was thinking about making rust’s UnixStream/UnixListener work with ipcd and slowly try to get tokio-uds working. … well that “long-term plan” turned out to be done in one day.

and that turned out to be it!
To be fair - I haven’t yet implemented read/write timeout or datagram support.
The former could be used today using the time: scheme.

So while I didn’t really do much in terms of quantity this week, I’m really excited to have done my first rust PR! If anybody is still reading these blogs, please link me some nice rust application that uses unix sockets (preferrably tokio) so I can test them :)