This Week in Redox 20

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This is the 20th post of a series of blog posts tracking the development and progress of Redox, the Rust operating system. If you want to know more about Redox in general, visit our Github page.

With this post we restart the tradition of the weekly report and this one in particular is a catchup and it’s a big one! So bear with us please! ;)

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If you have any questions, ideas, or are curious about Redox, we recommend joining #redox on or our Discourse forum!

What’s new in Redox?



There has been so much work ion shell that we have it’s own section for this issue. Ion is a shell for UNIX platforms, and is the default shell in Redox. It is still a work in progress, but much of the core functionality is complete. It is also currently significantly faster than Bash, and even Dash, making it the fastest system shell to date.




TFS is a modular, fast, and feature rich next-gen file system, employing modern techniques for high performance, high space efficiency, and high scalability.

There has been enough work done in TFS that we added this section in this edition so you can have an idea about how the progress is going there.

First of all: Great news! @ticki has been working on many aspects of TFS and he considers that it is pretty near to functional. One of the great things is that as a product of this work several crates with interesting data structures and algorithms were created:

And according @ticki there’s a ton of interesting things to write about, and eventually he will be doing an in-depth blog post about them.

Package Management

There has been a ton of work on this topic specially on the pkgutils. Redox OS packaging utilities and in the cookbook the collection of package recipes.

Handy links

  1. The Glorious Book
  2. The Holiest Forum
  3. The Shiny ISOs
  4. Redocs
  5. Fancy GitHub organization
  6. Our Holy Grail of a Website
  7. The Extreme Screenshots

New contributors

Since the list of contributors are growing too fast, we’ll now only list the new contributors. This might change in the future.

Sorted in alphabetical order.

If I missed something, feel free to contact me (Ticki) or send a PR to Redox website.