Move to GitLab

By jD91mZM2 on

You may have noticed that all our GitHub repositories are now mirrors of Since the recent acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft, a lot of people, including us, start to think about the alternatives. We don’t necessarily hate Microsoft, but what would happen if GitHub went down? So for that curiosity we checked out the alternatives, and saw all the nice features of GitLab. To mention a few, the self-hosted platform is free and open source, it has some cool automatic mirroring features, and an integrated CI. And since so many people started checking GitLab out, we don’t neccesarily have to be the odd ones out!

Signing up to will require a separate account but you can sign up with GitHub. We didn’t enable the sign in with GitLab option yet, ironically. Once in, it’s very much what you’d expect of a self-hosted GitLab: everybody has a separate account, and there is a redox-os organization for all the official stuff. We plan on organizing the repositories in groups as well, to clean things up. However, everything is top-level for now to make it easier to update links to our GitLab.