Redox Merch, New T-Shirt Colors and Other Fundraising News

By Ron Williams on

Shop Redox Merch! New T-Shirt Colors! Limited Editions! and more fundraising news!

Redox Summer of Code (RSoC) is our annual program to fund students and other contributors for summer projects that help move Redox forward.

In 2023, we funded three projects. We are hoping to have a similar-sized program this year, but in order to do that, we need a little help.

T-Shirts! New Colors!

For those of you that were not aware, Redox has a merch store! And this month, we have added some great new T-Shirt colors! Approximately $14 per T-Shirt goes towards Redox development (a little less for European orders).

After a poll of our community, Midnight Navy and Cardinal we chosen as our new T-Shirt colors. They are available now. Plus our fantastic black, gray and white shirts are available as always. Click the images below to go directly to the color you want. Be sure to check the size guide.

Midnight Navy Cardinal

We also have Tahiti Blue and Dark Chocolate as a “limited edition”, available until February 29.

Tahiti Blue Dark Chocolate

If there is some merch product that you would like to see us add, please let us know on Matrix!

Donating to Redox

Redox appreciates your donations, and we direct all donations to development and operations.

With a community of hundreds, and more than a dozen developers contributing in 2023, we are a vibrant community, funded entirely like donors just like you.

You can donate through Patreon and Donorbox. More donation options are on our Donate page.

Funding for Individuals

For those of you who are actively contributing to Redox or other FOSS projects, there are some great programs to help you get paid.

Google Summer of Code helps fund developers directly. We plan to apply as a Mentor Organization this year. We will provide more information if we are accepted as a Mentor.

Github Accelerator provides a large grant to selected developers who are looking to make FOSS their career. They will be opening up for applications in the near future.

Other Opportunities

Redox is looking into funding from many sources, some large and some small. The process is slow, but the landscape for FOSS funding is better than ever, with more awareness that interesting and useful FOSS projects need financial support.

There are some “Sovereign” Funds, which are government-funded organizations whose sole purpose is to donate to FOSS projects. They mostly give to software that is in active use, but there are a few “under development” projects that are receiving funds.

There are also some foundations funded by corporate donors, and they are very active in supporting FOSS and helping make projects successful.

We will be pursuing donations from both of these types of organizations over the coming months. At the same time, we will be looking for corporate partners who are interested in Redox and have interests that mesh well with our goals. If you have any suggestions for a corporate partner, please contact me (rw_van) or Ribbon on Matrix.

We will keep you up to date if we have any big news to share.