This Week in Redox 26

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This is the 26th post of a series of blog posts tracking the development and progress of Redox, the Rust operating system. If you want to know more about Redox in general, visit our Github page.

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What’s new in Redox?


Welcome back to a new edition of TWiR! We have a lot to share this time. Let’s get started!

A new reset facility and iopl support were added by @jackpot51 to the kernel along the uname infrastructure done by @ids1024 who also shipped a couple of fixes for pipes.

Ion continues on fire! Gaining a new contributor this week: @drosseau who shipped a ton of stuff including fixes for echo, comparison operators and the range syntax. All of that with new features like the not builtin and some general refactoring. Well done!

@mmstick has been also very busy this week with the starting the new Ion’s user manual. He also improved the recently added job control in conjunction with many bug fixes and refactorings.

Ion also received love from @huntergoldstein who added support for inline expressions in methods and made case statements implicitly ended.

On the land of the drivers there was not much activity: some improvements to the network drivers configuration and the splitting of pcid’s configuration into initfs and fs by @jackpot51.

As part of his GSoC @ids1024 did some work on Redoxfs preventing permission related failures on file creation as well as a fix to unlink (also related to permission handling).

What about TFS ? Well, @ticki was on fire this week! Mostly hardening the test suite of the various concurrent data structure libraries that conform the base of TFS. He even found a segfault in conc::hazard::Hazard’s safe code. But to be honest, I don’t think I’m honouring all the work I saw while looking at the commit history. So, go ahead and check yourself ;)

Coreutils also progressed with the addition of a --reset flag to shutdown by @jackpot51. @goyox86 extracted the ArgParser to it’s own library and migrated coreutils and userutils to it. @ids1024 added the uname utility and shipped fixes for both rm and which.

@goyox86 tried to improve overall quality of userutils by reimplementing whoami and id from scratch using system calls (previous implementations relied on environment vars). He also added docs to all user utilities and applied most of the recent coreutils code conventions there.

On the netstack @jackpot51 trimmed the network configuration while @ids1024 corrected fpath() implementation on tcpd and fixed a bug in tcpd responsible of the breakage HTTPS in curl.

The cookbook was not as active as in past weeks only with some fixes to the pastel recipe and all the hard work from @ids1024 on the git one.

Last but not least Orbital Redox’s composition and windowing manager received some attention from @jackpot51 resulting on the addition of left corner resizing and the starting of a new event based method.

Phew! That was a lot, thanks for staying tuned!



Ion is a shell for UNIX platforms, and is the default shell in Redox. It is still a work in progress, but much of the core functionality is complete. It is also currently significantly faster than Bash, and even Dash, making it the fastest system shell to date.




TFS is a modular, fast, and feature rich next-gen file system, employing modern techniques for high performance, high space efficiency, and high scalability.






Orbital is the windowing system and compositor for Redox.


The cookbook the collection of package recipes of Redox.

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New contributors

Since the list of contributors are growing too fast, we’ll now only list the new contributors. This might change in the future.

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If I missed something, feel free to contact me (goyox86) or send a PR to Redox website.