RSoC: Ion as a library, week 3

By AdminXVII on

Keyword of the week: dependencies reorganisation

Summary of the work done

Tendril experiment: not worth checking further

During expansion, strings are more built than parsed. Since tendrils had a small, fixed stack-allocated vector and focused on CoW, the improvement simply was not there. The preliminary test showed a regression of ~17% on string-oriented scripts. The idea was thus put aside, as no benefits where in sight

Release on ownership

Under which users should crates be released on The current go-to solution seems to be per-user, but this means that if a user stops working for redox, access and possibility to create new releases are lost. An alternative, and in my opinion the best, would be to add all the crates under the redox-os user and add the maintainers to it. That way, ownership remains to redox, as well as access to the crates for releases after a maintainer leaves. How should the Ion members be released?

What’s left to do