This Week in Redox 13

By Ticki on

This is the 13th post of a series of blog posts tracking the development and progress of Redox, the Rust operating system. If you want to know more about Redox in general, visit our Github page.

(edited by Ticki)


If you have any questions, ideas, or are curious about Redox, we recommend joining #redox on or our Discourse forum!

What’s new in Redox?


Pythoneer’s Pixelcannon in action:

Hello world from Java:

Redox running on Thinkpad T-420:

Redox running on ASUS eeePC 900:

Redox running on Panasonic Toughbook CF-18:

RustType running on Redox:

ca1ek’s tetrahedrane on Redox:

Redox once, Redox forever:

Hacking in progress:


The above pictures are all real.

Handy links

  1. The Glorious Book
  2. The Holiest Forum
  3. The Shiny ISOs
  4. Redocs
  5. Fancy GitHub organization
  6. Our Holy Grail of a Website
  7. Our Nice Code of Conduct
  8. The Extreme Screenshots

What’s next?

New contributors

Since the list of contributors are growing too fast, we’ll now only list the new contributors. This might change in the future.

Sorted in alphabetical order.

If I missed something, feel free to contact me (Ticki) or send a PR to Redox website.