Redox OS Finances 2020

By jackpot51 on

Redox OS relies on donations from our community to survive. These donations fund the Redox OS Summer of Code and server costs that are critical to maintaining a vibrant community. 2020 has been a good year for Redox OS, and I am excited to see what 2021 has in store for us.


Our primary source of income is through Patreon, at Over 100 patrons provided $12533.53 of income.

Our secondary source of income is through Paypal, at This source also includes LiberaPay donations, which can be found at Together, these provided $745.97 of income.

Lastly, the Bitcoin address and the Ethereum address provided $72.31 and $16.35 of income, respectively.

Together, these sources provided $13368.16 of income, more than prior years.


Our primary expense, the Redox OS Summer of Code, was provided a larger budget this year. Additionally, a new payment method was used to minimize fees. Two students were provided $5000 each over the summer, with fees added the total cost was $10049.48.

The secondary expense is the Amazon EC2 instance providing this website, a Jenkins server, and the Discourse forums. This cost $1072.32 last year.

The third expense is the Gitlab server, which is running on DigitalOcean. This server cost $1063.01 in 2020.

In total, expenses were $12184.81, also increasing over last year mainly due to the increased Redox OS Summer of Code budget.


Redox OS was provided increased funding in 2020. This increased funding allowed us to expand the Redox OS Summer of Code budget, and fund all server costs. A profit of $1183.35 will be rolled over to next year, to be added to the Redox OS Summer of Code budget again. Every dollar received is put to use, and to great effect. With your help, this project continues to be the most interesting and promising one I have ever been involved in.

Keep Writing Rust,

Jeremy Soller

The Redox OS BDFL